• Nov. 2018 – PMAF Project Management Foundation Certificate (Awarded)
  • Jan. 2015: PhD in Biological Sciences (Awarded). University of Madeira, Portugal. Grade: Approved by Unanimous vote. Thesis topic: Asthma Polymorphic Loci Genotyping in Madeira Population: Identification of potential genetic markers of disease susceptibility, severity and clinical relevance. Examination committee: Miguel Sequeira (president of the jury); João Paulo Oliveira (first opponent); João da Fonseca (second opponent); Luís Borrego (third opponent); Alexandra Rosa (fourth opponent); António Brehm (supervisor). 
  • Oct. 2001 – Nov. 2005:  Licentiate in Biology.  University of Madeira, Portugal. Final thesis grade 17/20. Thesis topic: IL-4 gene Repeat Polymorphism 2 (RP2) frequency on the human populations of Açores, Madeira, Cabo Verde, Portugal Continental and Guiné – Bissau.
  • Jan- 2013: Suomen Kieli Yleiset Kielitutkinnot, Taso B1.1 (Awarded)
  • June 2012 –Jan.2013; April – Aug. 2013: Finnish language student at OAKK, Oulu, Finland
  • Nov. 2010 – Jan. 2011:  Teacher’s training course. FormarMais School, Madeira, Portugal.
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